Atagawa Onsen Hotel Ohruri



Japanese hotel on the hill

There is a hotel at the small place surrounded by mountains. Steam are out from sources of hot springs cause of its’ over 100 degrees in Celsius. The steam makes special atmosphere of the Atagawa area.

The Ohruri Group offers
another hotel at this area.

Easy access to Atagawa


Tokyo station just finished the biggest restoration. From the station, there so many types of trains such as limited express, rapid express, and special train. Of course, there are many trains towards to Atagawa. In the train, there are no food services, so it is convenient to buy some lunch before taking trains at Tokyo station or Ueno station.

Plan of long stay


Stay in slow life and be happy moment!

In 3 Days

How about a long night trip where you can enjoy your stay slowly? It is perfect for those who are staying for a long time including family travel.Enjoy the healing time at the hotel while enjoying the Atagawa Onsen.



Better place; just 3 minutes walking to the beach.
Our hot spring draw from our own sources.

Japanese Tatami

About Hot Springs

Fountain quality / Sulfur, Acid spring P.H8.5

Efficacy / Neuralgia, Chronic digestive diseases, Chronic skin diseases, Rheumatism, Hypertension, Arteriosclerosis, and other.


Time of check in and check out / Check in ‒ 14:00 Check out ‒ 9:30

Amenity / Bath towel, face towel, teeth brush, and Yukata.

Bath / 14:00 to 9:00

Information on Recommended Plan

Standard Plan 10/1/2019~

One person Plan 10/1/2019~

One person Plan 10/1/2019~


Hotel charge for age of 0 / For free. (However, meals and futons are not available)

Reservation minimum number of people during December 31 to January 2 / Over 3 people.

Payment method / Please pay by cash at checkout. (Can not use the credit card)

The charge is same if you did not eat the hotel dinner.

<Cancellation fee>

Before 2 days at 16:00 / For free to cancel.

Before a day / You are required to pay a 50% to cancellation fee.

Cancel on the day / You are required to pay a 80% to cancellation fee.

Cancellation without prior notice / You are required to pay a 100% to cancellation fee.

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